About Colorado Artist - Julie Ethridge


Julie Ethridge was born and raised in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  She grew up seeing the majestic views of mountains of all sizes, mesas, monuments, fields, farmland, four seasons, and wildlife.  She attended Mesa State College receiving a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and began a professional career in post-secondary education and later a full time career as a wife and mother of three boys.  

When her children were small she found her gifts were more fully founded with the other side of her brain, as she started a painting one night when they were asleep.  It was then that a spark grew to a flame of intrigue as she saw scenes appear from a blank canvas.  After following jobs that took her and her husband to Kansas and Kentucky they moved back to Colorado.  Julie signed up for an art class at the local college and there began 10 years of painting under well-known artist Dale Peterson.  He had the same style of painting, and guided and encouraged her to pursue her painting career. 

Julie's philosophy of painting is to capture a scene or a subject with the intent to tell the story.  She wants the viewer to explore each painting with recognition of something they have seen before or to stop and enjoy the details that they lose sight of in the busyness of life.  Julie says, "I enjoy art because it creates a story in my mind and hopefully in the mind of the viewer.  It can allow you to immerse yourself in a path or the cool shade of a tree on a hot sunny day.  It can take you to a place you've been or want to go to.  It inspires us with colors and shapes and brings interest to our days."  She says, "I am always amazed at God's creation.  He is the ultimate artist from which I draw all my inspiration."  Julie paints mostly local landscapes but admits that her art is largely based on whim.  It may be a beautiful calf face just because of the long eyelashes or a blackbird because of the rainbow of colors in their black feathers.  Be ready to be surprised each time she finishes a new painting.


Capturing the Beauty of What I See