My measuring cup

I have this cup.  It is a measuring cup.  It was given to me and I don't remember when or how.  It contains a measure - I know it is my measure of faith.  I have noticed there is a line that never changes.  I know without thinking that it is always at that measure.  If I question it, I look again and it is there.  Sometimes I have to turn on the light to make sure.  :)  Lately, I have been studying my Bible more and seeking God in prayer.  He does not disappoint.  When I open my whole self up to him and share all my thoughts, actions, fears and questions, he is there with me.  My spirit is quickened.  When I read the word I get a jolt of understanding or a moment of awe.  Something gets my attention.  A relationship has begun to form.  One where I am in fellowship and I am completely real.  There is nothing I have to hold back for fear that he won't like me.  He (God) already knows everything and he loves me.  He wants me to tell him and to let him talk to me.  It is so opposite of how I am trained to think.  If I do something wrong, I expect him to turn away from me but he is always there and always loves me the same.  He even forgets what I have done in the past when I happen to bring it up again.  He is so good to me.  This is a love that I have never known and now I can't do without.  When can we meet again?  He is with me always.  I get to know that as I go through my day.  He is my best friend and I rest in that truth.

I look at my cup and faith inside is beginning to grow past the line.  I'm excited.  Romans 10:17 says "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."  It is like a plant.  It grows and I know not how.  Now it is bigger and I begin to see myself as a part of it.  I am a branch and I am just watching.  I don't have any part of creating it, I just stay connected to the vine.  I can't take credit.  My heart feels more full and there is a song or a verse in my mind from the things I have read and studied.  I feel loved.

There is a difference between how my Father's voice sounds and how the world sounds.  My Father's voice is good, all good.  It is for me and for others around me.  It is forgiving and there is wisdom.  The world's voice is of shame and condemnation and fear and self.

I only want to hear the voice of My Lord and My Savior.  My heart sings and my faith grows.

Julie Ethridge