We went to the summer and then the rain came.  We traveled about and basked in the Glory of the Lord.  The Light shone over the mountains and filled the valleys.  Everywhere was the scent of the Lord.  The Holy Spirit flowed freely and his presence shone among us.  The rocks and the trees admired you and the inhabitants sang praises.  The animals and the insects sing the songs you have given them to bring you glory.  The King of Glory sits on his throne and our praises fill his temple.  He pours out on a dry and thirsty land, and he fills up again and again the levels that run low.  Our foes are not a threat because they can't exist in the light.  Around us the fruit of the Spirit is present.  It just is and there is no other.  The atmosphere sings of the fruit and joy and gladness reigns in the melodious hearts.  Refreshment is pouring out.  Sweet rest fills our bodies and our rhythm feels calm.

Julie Ethridge