Art is part of our lives.  We decorate homes with art.  We listen to art.  We paint our bodies with art.  We wear certain styles, or drive certain cars or plant gardens with water features and arranged flowers, vegetables, etc.

As an artist I am always amazed that some people walk right past paintings and don't even notice.  Others stop and dive in exploring every detail.  Sometimes awareness needs a nudge.  I want to encourage you to take notice and look around you. See creativity everywhere and ask yourself what each person is communicating.  Art or style of any kind communicates a story.  When I paint, I want you as the viewer to be there.  I want the scene to be right in front of you.  You look at it and your mind may be thinking "I would walk here or there, I would be curious what is around that corner, or I remember a time we had a picnic in a place like that, or if I would ski over by those trees or under the lift". The greatest art comes from God and moment to moment it looks a little different.  He gives us ever-changing art every time we look around.  Stop when you go outside and be aware of his story too.