Are you willing?

What is this life that we search for happiness and we can't find it?  We search for answers and assign things that go against the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Do you have eyes that look inward or eyes wide open to God.  Are you seeking an identity separate from the identity God intended for you.  Are you willing?  Are you willing to open your heart and your mind to Jesus?  Are you willing to lay down your life, and let the great restorer come in and wash you and give you a new birth.  

I am a new creation in Christ.  The Old has gone, the new has come.  Now I am free and I am sanctified by his word and I run the race to step into the fullness of the knowledge of Him, and his plans and purposes for me.  I get to live in earnest expectation of him and rest knowing his goodness and love.  He did not leave us as orphans.  We get to live with Him in us, his Spirit joined with our spirit.  If this is so, Are we willing to hear his voice?  Jesus said the sheep know the Shepherd's voice.  He is talking to you all the time.  Do we shove it away?  Let's listen instead and see this new year in a whole new way.

Julie Ethridge